Check Presentation to Arizona Game and Fish

Putting the dollars to work! Arizona Deer Association President Don McDowell presenting a $255,000 check to Arizona Game and Fish Director Ty Gray and Deputy Director Tom Finley.

Twin Buttes Water Project

underwork     apron in process

walk-in drinker     team photo twin buttes


Twin Buttes Water Project

The Arizona Deer Association in cooperation and direction from the Arizona Game & Fish Department participated in a work project on the March 8th and 9th, 2014. The project was culmination of a lot of effort from the Payson Natural Resources Committee and the work of various wildlife managers from Region 6. Some of those wildlife managers involved were James Simmons, Jerrod McFarland and Joe Sayer. The project had first been proposed all the way back in 2006, but was finally approved in the 2012 round of HPC projects.

The weather the week prior had produced some badly needed rain and the creek across the bottom from Route 188 to the catchment site was full of running water. While the department staff had to cross in higher water, by the time the volunteers arrived on Friday night the crossing was much more manageable. The development crew had been blessed with great soil conditions to work in and by the time Saturday morning arrived they had succeeded in placing 4 brand new heavy gauge plastic storage units into the site and had also buried the new walk-in drinker that the department had purchased.

The new walk-in drinker however presented a small problem. It had a leak! During the night on Friday, the water level had dropped and by Saturday morning the drinker was almost empty. The volunteer crew quickly helped dig out the drinker and sealed off the water supply from the main storage tanks. By Sunday afternoon however a new tank had been brought out to the location and replaced the faulty new one. Being blessed with perfect weather over the week-end, the structure and apron were completed by Saturday night.  On Sunday the finishing work was completed by installing the new tank and the welding of the surrounding fence to protect the apron from cattle. The project had an initial cost estimate of $36,000.00, and based on the new technology it will provide significant consistent water for the next 30 years. Special thanks goes out to the Coconino Sportsmen’s group which always seems to have Tom Mackin present for water works as well as Don McDowell from the fishing world who did yeoman’s work on the apron. The Arizona Game & Fish Department development crew and the Region 6 wildlife managers all showed up and displayed a significant ability with welding to assist in finishing the project. With meals served by the Arizona Deer Association everyone was able to, at the very least, eat well and finish a badly needed water source for Unit 23.