Life Member Payment Plan

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The Arizona Deer Association Life membership fee is $1000.  This amount can be paid over the course of one membership year (July 1 through June 30) based on the following payment schedule:

July 1 – $250

November 1 – $250

March 1 – $250

July 1 – $250


  1. Payments will be charged to the credit card number below, on the dates listed above.
  2. Card must be in effect for the entire year of the payment plan.
  3. No Life member benefits accrue prior to the final payment.
  4. No refunds.
  5. If for any reason all payments are not made, the membership reverts to an annual membership,
  6. at $50/year for amounts paid.
  7. If paying by check, payments are due on or before the above dates.
  8. The association will not send invoices for the payments.