We are proud to report that we entertained a record breaking 60 kids in addition to their entourages, which included parents, grandparents, siblings, uncles, cousins and friends which equated to over 200 people in total.   We served over an estimated 900 meals, which included breakfast burritos or oatmeal or bagels and coffee in the mornings starting at 4:30am.   Lunch included hot dogs and cheeseburgers and sanwiches.   And dinners included chili, chilidogs, cheeseburgers, spaghetti.   We enjoyed s’mores around the campfire in the evenings. Also snacks were provided that hunters could take out in the packs during the day.  Each Junior that possessed a Junior Deer Permit issued by AZGFD was given an ADA Hat, ADA t-shirt, water bottle, a handout which gave information on AZSFW and their license plate program. As well as being advised that camp was made possible by grant monies donated by AZSFW. They were also asked to please give back by getting an AZSFWC license plate. Those Junior hunters were also entered into a free drawing to win 1 of several prizes which included binoculars, range finder, tripod, or rifle.  We had over 20 volunteers, whose duties included setting up camp, registering kids as they entered camp, taking photographs, cooking, keeping the campfire safe and burning, assistance map reading, glassing, and of course hunting.