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In 1999 a group of sportsmen from Northern Arizona and Southern Utah joined together to form a wildlife habitat work group. The main interest of the groups’ membership at that time was to raise money by having a fundraising banquet to help with new construction and refurbishing of existing deer waters on both sides of the Arizona – Utah border. As membership and participation grew the group began their affiliation with the Arizona Mule Deer Association and became the Buckskin Chapter. Eventually the association changed their name to represent all deer species in the state and became the Arizona Deer Association which they are to this day….note that the Buckskin Chapter is the only satellite group of the Association and have enjoyed an enduring relationship where all funds raised by the Chapter are used in the care and construction of water & habitat projects in game management units north of the Colorado River….they are also used to finance the Kaibab Junior’s Hunt Base Camp during the yearly antlerless deer hunt on the west side of Unit 12A where assistance is given and food provided for the young hunters, their families, and friends. The chapter views this camp as a way to continue recruitment and retention of young folks into the hunting & conservation end of game management and puts an all-out effort toward successful completion of the Base Camp….and additional recreational offerings as provided by partnering individuals & organizations (detailed in the yearly mailings to all junior families drawn for a Kaibab hunt). We are actively involved in the Hunting and Angling Heritage WorkGroup (HAHWG) program and attend at minimum the summer meeting at the Flagstaff Nordic Center.

In the past 15 years Chapter Members and Friends have volunteered over 3600 hours of labor in the care and/or construction of 41 total water & habitat projects in cooperation with the Arizona Game and Fish Department, Utah Wildlife Resources, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, the Natural Resources Conservation Service District, Arizona Desert Bighorn Sheep Society, Grand Canyon Trust at Kane & Two Mile Ranches, land owners, and local Ranchers. Another 1400 plus hours have been invested in studies, surveys, and project planning meetings….not to mention numerous afternoons and evenings participating in and providing input at public outreach gatherings concerning everything from road closure and public lands access to the Bison issue on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

The Chapters motto is “Border to Border for Better Habitat”