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Arizona Deer Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2007 


Attending:                                                       Guests:

Kevin Harris, President                                   Chasa O’Brien
Pete Cimellaro, Vice President                       Leonard Ordway
Craig Dunlap, Treasurer                                  Luigi Baratta
Dom Lopano, Past President                          Jon Mott
Keith Gaines, Director                                    Todd Julian, Past President
Rick Miller, Director                                       Floyd Green, Past President
Joe Allen, Director                                          Tracey Martin
John Koleszar, Director                                 
Mark Bool, Director
Brad Freitag, Director
Amanda Moors, Director
Chris Denham, Director


I.  Welcome and Call to order

6:40 pm - The president called the meeting to order 

II.  Approval of Minutes

Rick Miller moved, Brad Freitag seconded, to approve the minutes as presented.  Motion carried. 

III.  Guest Speaker 

6:45 – Jim DeVos made a presentation on mule deer research in the 3-Bar area.

The pamphlet Jim provided contains many of the details, plus the budget information.  His research project is looking for roughly $32,000 a year for two years from the ADA. They would like to start the study this year and $6,000 dollars is needed within days, the rest of the funding would need to be provided within the month.  

7:53 – There was discussion on the presentation after Jim left.  Leonard Ordway explained that the $31,875 a year needed to come from our private funds and the tag funds could be used for the AZGFD’s share at $15,000.  The board also discussed contacting the MDF and see if they would provide some support for this also.

 8:02 – Brad Freitag moved, Mark Bool seconded, to allocate $31,875 at this time to get the project started and allow us time to contact the MDF for their support and possibly furnish the other half of the funding.  Motion carried.

 We were reminded by Chasa that we still had not made a decision on continuing funding for the Kaibab project, and it is already underway. The AZGFD’s decision on the 3-Bar could be affected by this decision also. Chasa will be at our next meeting and we will go over the Kaibab project again. 

IV.  Treasurer’s Report

8:12 Todd Julian moved, Chris Denham seconded to approve the report as presented.  Motion carried.

V.  Committee Reports

8:15 – Banquet – Brad Freitag

The banquet was discussed in detail; everything appears to be going as it should. Brad and Chris will set up a day for the AV people to look at the venue.  There will be a Fundraiser-only meeting on March 6th.  Place to be determined.

The board discussed hats for the fundraiser, and unfortunately, we will need to pay a premium price of $12.25 each for the hats.

8:45 – Habitat Projects – Pete Cimellaro

There will be a meeting on the Mills Ridge project with the ADA and the AWF on April 13 thru 15, 2007.  The chief of the U.S. Forest Service will not be at the meeting in Springerville on the 27th and the 28th.  Blaine Bickford will be asked to represent the ADA at that meeting.

8:52 – Game and Fish – Pete Cimellaro

Kaibab will be discussed at the next meeting. According to Leonard, the results for the elk and antelope draw are on schedule at this time.

9:00 – Newsletter – Pete Cimellaro

It is at the printer and should be in the mail in the next ten days.

9:01 – Youth Committee

The trailer was re-stocked.

9:02 – WCC

No report 

9:03 – Website

We can now accept credit card payments on-line via PayPal, plus there are several new articles on the website.

9:05 – Membership

No report

9:06 – Public Relations

No report

9:07 – Conservation Partners

No report.

VI.  New Business

9:10 -  Unit 36 Ranch Clean-Up

Pete Cimellaro moved, Mark Bool seconded, to approve $300.00 dollars for the unit 36 ranch clean up.  Motion carried.

9: 12 - Bass Pro Shops

The board discussed Bass Pro Shops’ request for our logo to use in their in-store display, where the ADA will be able to distribute membership information.  No action was taken.

9:20 – Buckskin Chapter Banquet

Todd Julian moved, Joe Allen seconded, approve $1000.00 donation to the Buckskin Chapter.  Motion carried.

9:21- Jameson Award

The board reviewed online discussion to present both Frank Hayes and Joe Melton with the 2007 Jameson Award.  Pete Cimellaro moved, Rick Miller seconded, that the ADA present both Frank Hayes and Joe Melton with the 2007 Jameson Award. Motion carried.

The International Sportsman’s Expo is on March 9th, 10th, and 11th

VII.  Adjournment

9:30 – there being no further business to conduct, the meeting adjourned.




If you want more information about the ADA, contact:
John Koleszar, President
email John

 or contact our main office:
Arizona Deer Association

P.O. Box 21868
Mesa, AZ  85277




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