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Arizona Deer Association

Board of Directors Meeting

February 15, 2006


Domenick Lopano, President

Craig Dunlap, Treasurer

Joe Allen, Director

Kevin Harris, Director

Stan Johnsen, Director

Amanda Moors, Director

Pete Cimellaro, Director

Clay Delcoure, Director

Todd Julian, Past President

Chris Denham, Past President

Guests: Mike Cramer, Leonard Ordway, Brett Overson, Tracey Martin

  1. Welcome and Call to order

    The president called the meeting to order at 6:45 pm

  2. Minutes

    Todd Julian moved, Craig Dunlap seconded, to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.


  3. Guest Speakers

    Leonard Ordway gave a presentation about the hunt recommendations. The board discussed this issue in-depth.

    Mark Bool moved that we approve up to$1500 as seed money to begin the deer hunter survey. Todd Julian seconded. Motion carried.


  4. Deer on the Kaibab

    The doe harvest will take place in March; exact dates to be determined. Working group meeting will be in May.


  5. Committee Reports
  1. Membership – new life member, Art Pearce, and two renewals.
  2. Projects – rebuild of Folsom Dam in unit 10 was successful. Pete Cimellaro will make a field trip to Martin Dam to assess the damage and will report back on funds needed to repair. We will be partnering with AES on the project. The HPC process is coming under review and it is expected that the wildlife organizations will have more input on the front end of project development.
  3. Game and Fish – no report.
  4. Newsletter – we are working on it now and expect it to be printed three weeks prior to the fundraiser.
  5. Youth committee – Javelina Youth camp in 20Cwent very well; about 40 kids came through. We will conduct another ADA hunter ed course in March, exact date to be determined, at the Mesa Game and Fish office. Gabe Paz is doing the ranch clean-up in 36A, B and C on March 11th. The board discussed the details. Stan Johnsen moved, Chris Denham seconded, that we approve up to $300 for food and beverages for the clean-up. Motion carried. Stan volunteered to attend and cook and take the trailer.
  6. WCC – will have a booth at the ISE expo on March 10-12. We need to get our deer heads there. The board discussed the details.
  7. Website – we added the banquet flyer, the monument article and big game super raffle information.
  8. Banquet – 1) silent auction – Todd Julian gave an update on silent auction items and distributed a list to encourage members to get their donations in. Rick Rademacher also picked up several items at the SHOT show. The board reviewed some other donations. Clay Delcoure and Chris Denham volunteered to speak to some of their contacts. 2) The board decided to go with a cup raffle. Chris Denham volunteered to call Craig Carter about prices and the board reviewed the water bottle information that Rick Rademacher distributed via email. The board discussed banquet shirts and Chris will talk to Roper. 3) The board discussed hunt donations. Chris Denham will call Ben Gibson about his turkey hunt donation. No word on the buffalo hunt. Amanda Moors also has a whitetail donation for $1500. The board discussed other live auction donations, such as jewelry, a quad, and artwork. It was decided to hold the next banquet meeting on March 1st at Todd’s office.
  9. Public Relations - no report.
  10. Conservation Partners – no report.

VI. New Business

Pete Cimellaro moved, Mark Bool seconded, that we approve $250 to send to MSC for the Antelope Eaters event. Motion carried. Event is March 4th.

Pete Cimellaro reviewed the Big Game Super Raffle accounting. It appears that we will be using the ADA’s EIN to establish the Big Game Super raffle bank accounts. Pete Cimellaro moved, Todd Julian seconded, that the ADA consent to the use of the ADA EIN for this purpose. Motion carried. AZSBGR has $40,000 in income with nearly no promotions except the website. Pete reviewed the advertising and marketing plans. A CPA has been hired to process the day-to-day money. The drawing will be July 8th.

Region I has arrested a team of poachers and is in the process of asking that charges be brought against them. Three informants were instrumental in developing the information to arrest the poachers. Pete Cimellaro moved that we approve $500 for Game and Fish to use as reward money in this instance. Amanda Moors seconded. After discussion, Pete withdrew his motion and Amanda withdrew her second until the association has more information about the specific case.

Kevin Harris reported on his work with the BLM, G&F on the BLM management plan for the Arizona Strip monuments. This information is also posted on our website. The deadline for response is March 17th. Kevin distributed a document that outlined issues with the plans, concerns over access and road closures, and options for response. The board discussed how to get this information to hunters. The board committed to sending some type of mailing to the members and other selected hunters, the type of which will depend upon some answers and the cost of the various mailings.

Tracey Martin provided a bid for bookkeeping services for the association. Chris Denham moved, Todd Julian seconded, that the board approve $200 monthly to hire Tracey for a bookkeeping service. Motion carried.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 10:30 pm








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John Koleszar, President
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